WDW Trip Report Overview

Have you ever like, well, booked a Disney trip and had no idea why you were going? I mean, we would never book a trip to WDW in late January/early February. We’d never book a cross-country trip right after flying to Hawaii and Philadelphia. I mean, if we hadn’t already booked our flights before the Philly trip, we never would have gone to WDW so soon after. But there we were with 2 round-trip tickets to Orlando and an Annual Pass for each of us, telling ourselves we’d make good use of the APs by going again in the fall.

We booked the trip when our California friends now living in Colorado informed us they were going to celebrate their son’s birthday – so why not go and meet up with them? We could also call it our “Valentine’s Day” trip. Okay, both fabulous reasons to go with a bonus — we were flirting with moving back to Florida and we needed to know as soon as possible if that was something we really wanted to do or we were just recalling the good times…

We admit we were uneasy about returning to the place we lived just two miles away for a solid year until we got homesick for the west, and, while Disney fans all over the world thought we were big babies for not loving it as much as they would have, living in Florida for a west coaster is unusual and definitely a fish out of water experience. With most people coming down from the midwest, northeast, and south, a west coaster definitely has a different experience, and it often feels lonely, being out-of-step with everybody else and it seems no matter how hard you try, there’s somewhat of a cultural disconnect because you’re coming from totally different worlds and your point of reference shows in your point of view.

Needless to say, we returned to Orlando with much trepidation and excitement because we really didn’t know how we’d actually feel when we were actually there. And we felt that inner conflict throughout the trip. But we also learned what to do and what not to do to overcome a sense of deja vu.

And me being me–a writer, a sensitive seeker of truth and expresser of feelings of the moment–will highlight the, well, the highlights, the lowlights, and lessons learned.

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