Halloween at the Grand Californian, Day 2 Part 2

We strategically planned our time of arrival – right after the parade ended – and we walked down Main Street, admiring the Halloween decorations. We were so excited to see some signs of fall.

We took our usual left turn at Adventureland, moseying into New Orleans Square and saw that Pirates (POTC) was a walk-on so we rode that. Later, we discovered this was our only chance to ride it, so we were glad we grabbed the opportunity when it came.

After POTC, the crowds were lining up for Fantasmic (showing twice) and we were saying how we must do Fantasmic at WDW because at least you have real seating and it’s not blocking the path.

The line to the Haunted Mansion (Holiday version) was huge and we knew we could do that another time when it wasn’t that busy, and by this time we were hungry for dinner so we stopped in at our favorite – Rancho del Zocalo – and we had:

Rich: Carne Asada & Red Chile Enchilada Platter – Succulent Beef cooked to perfection served with two Cheese Enchiladas.

Kathy: Soft Tacos Monterrey – “Fajita Style” Beef, Chicken, or Vegetables, topped with Cheese and served in Flour Tortillas.

We found our favorite table next to Big Thunder Mountain and enjoyed listening to the cheers, screams, and laughter while we ate.

We then strolled the back way past Big Thunder BBQ, through Fantasyland, and on to Toon Town to ride Roger Rabbit. I hadn’t ridden this ride since it first opened when I was there with my niece, and Rich had never ridden it. Roger Rabbit was a walk-on, and Toon Town was practically deserted. Toon Town closed right after we were finished walking around. On the way out, we checked out Minnie and Mickey’s houses but didn’t see any decorations, so we headed for the train.

The train took us back to the Main Gate, allowing us to avoid the crowds and give our feet a break. We thought about sitting on a park bench to watch the fireworks, but after living so close to WDW that we saw nightly fireworks and growing up hearing Disneyland fireworks every summer night, we decided to pass, and headed back to the hotel. We couldn’t avoid the fireworks, though, because we heard the big booms outside our room. Talk about deja vu.


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