Halloween at the Grand Californian, Day 1 Part 2

In Part 1, we left you out by the pool…

The chaise lounges out by the pool in the shade were all taken, so we parked ourselves on some lounge chairs in the sun. It was blazing hot – the sun in the southwest (including SoCal) is so bright, it’s blinding. After so much brightness in Las Vegas all summer, we were hoping for some cooler weather, which we did get, but first we’d have to get through the weekend. We ordered a couple of FABs, and while waiting for them, we took turns jumping in the pool to cool off. By the time the drinks arrived, we decided it was way too hot to drink them sitting on the lounge chairs and we took them to the edge of the pool and drank them while immersing our legs in the pool. We then jumped in the pool and splashed around for a bit. It felt wonderful.

After we changed in the room, we decided we’d drop in on DCA via the GC gate. We looked for CM Chappy from Brooklyn, but he wasn’t there – probably only works on week days, and headed for the Lucky Fortune Cookery  – open once again now that it changed places with Cocina Cucamonga – in the Pacific Wharf area. We ordered rice bowls – you have 3 choices of protein and 4 choices of sauce. I ordered one with chicken and spicy Korean sauce, and Rich had the beef with Teriyaki sauce. Quite yummy and filling.

After we ate, we walked around a bit. Normally, we head right for the Golden Vine Winery for a glass of wine, but we didn’t want any wine – too hot and we had the FAB at the pool. But we did finally get to taste a shake at Andreas Shakers – the one and only time we tried to get a shake here, we were too late and the stand had just closed. This time it closed right after we got ours. While date shakes are famous up and down the Central Valley, neither of us are that wild about dates. So we shared a Blueberry Crumble out by the picnic table – it was incredibly delicious!

By this time DCA was getting ready to close so we headed for nighttime at Disneyland Park – exiting the DCA gate and going straight to the Disneyland gate bypassing the bag check. It’s so much easier to do the bag check through the GC DCA gate so this is when being a resort guest really works in your favor. But Disneyland looked too busy and we were tired after travel day. So we headed for Downtown Disney instead.

Downtown Disney at Disneyland is really cool – love the vibe – love the independent musicians along the way. This time we stopped to listen to David Wayne, a southern California native and SoCal was our favorite song that we heard, and so we bought 2 of his CDs. We then peeked into World of Disney but it was too busy and we’d have other shopping opportunities. A stop into Basin was mandatory and we picked up two more jars of body butter – a must living in the desert. Then we walked the entire length of Dowtown Disney – or so we thought – and were miffed when we thought the book store had been replaced with a kiddie store – more on that later.

We headed back to the resort, stopped in at the hotel gift shop, one of our favorites, and then back up to the room. We were pleasantly surprised to see little pixies had dropped in on our room and given us turndown service with 3 chocolates. A very nice touch, and one we wouldn’t see again.


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