Hawaii Part 9: New Beaches

The next morning we decided we needed a change-up for breakfast. True, the buffet came with our room package and had a value of about $50 per day, but we just couldn’t hike down to the restaurant, and sit with crowds one more morning. Each morning we got up later and later, and the later we got started, the more crowded the restaurant was. One thing we need to mention is after all of this walking and hours of swimming, we were really feeling it. How wonderful to get this kind of exercise on a daily basis, but we wanted to take it easy this morning.

We ordered room service, and it was delivered out on our oceanfront Lanai. How fabulous is that? Our own private table with an ocean view. We ordered pancakes and French toast and shared them, along with a pot of coffee. One thing we noticed at the buffet each morning was how delicious the sweets were – the pancakes were amazing – so we passed over eggs, bacon, potatoes, and all that jazz, and focused on the sweets. Yum, yum!

We did hike down to the pool via our secret shortcut stairway, and took the path along the beach. One thing we have to mention is the demographics on this trip. Okay, so maybe the last time we were here, we were the couple in their 30s (or close). It did feel odd to be one of the “older” couples at the resort this time. But it was August and perhaps the “older” couples go to Hawaii for a winter break, rather than during the summer. Or maybe we had lived in Florida for so long, we had gotten used to feeling “young.” πŸ™‚

We noticed a lot of couples and families from Europe – Germany and the UK mostly. One woman said that they had just come from the Sheraton Maui, and if you didn’t get down to the pool by 7:30 a.m., you couldn’t get a chaise. We had no trouble with that no matter what time of day we hit the pool. But Kauai is a quieter choice than Maui – especially Kaanapali – notorious for being full of people from Northern California on Maui in August – like we once were. πŸ™‚

Some sprinkles from Felicia came and went – one time we had to hide underneath one of the “bridges” – you can see one of those in the background in the pic above – until the moisture blew past us. Eventually, we worked up an appetite for lunch. What is it about being in the water that makes you so hungry? πŸ™‚

We decided to check out the The Dock – the quick service pool-side restaurant. So we had the KALUA CUBANSmoke Kalua Pork, Honey Glazed Ham, Sliced Pickles, Spiced Deli Butter and Swiss Cheese on a French Baguette – talk about a combination of Florida and Hawaii. Delicious!

We shared that and a side order of WAFFLE FRIES – with Garlic, Parmesan, and Parsley – so yummy but way too much food! We could have shared just one or the other – ordering both seemed like a waste since we couldn’t eat it all but we didn’t know that ahead of time. Oh well, we’re on vacation. πŸ™‚

The biggest challenge on Kauai is matching up a great resort with a great swimming beach. So, we thought for the afternoon we’d jump in the rental car and check out some beaches on the west side, and if we found a great one, we’re return the next day for a beach day.

On previous trips, we drove all the way to Ke’e Beach – my “ideal” tropical beach – this is what I dreamed of before I ever stepped foot in the tropics and it didn’t disappoint. To get there, you have to drive through Hanalei (remember “Puff the Magic Dragon”) and continue until the road ends and the Na Pali coast begins (pictured at left).

If you haven’t see this, you must. We chose not to on this trip. We headed for some of the beaches on the west we had not seen before. We enjoyed the drive, stopped at a few beaches along the way and were pleasantly surprised by Salt Pond.

One of the stops on the west side of the island – on the way to Salt Pond Beach.

Salt Pond Beachvery Caribbean in look and feel

We had spent so much time in the pool that morning that we hadn’t thought to bring our swimsuits and sunscreen, but when we saw this beach, we wish we had. We waded in wearing our shorts, and it was so fabulous, we made plans to return the next day fully prepared to stay all day – our last full day.

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