Hawaii Part 7: Couples Massage

We hadn’t done the spa last the time we stayed at the Grand Hyatt – maybe because on our honeymoon we had been at one of the best spas in the world at the Grand Wailea on Maui so this spa didn’t look as good to us. We aren’t quite as spoiled now, and what this spa has that many others don’t are outdoor Hales with open-air treatment rooms.

After we were led to our separate locker rooms where we each enjoyed the outdoor rock shower, we put on our robe and slippers and were then brought out to this Hale and sipped some delicious mango-flavored iced tea and just relaxed before our duo massages. I could have spent a week in this spot – it was Heavenly – I used this word a lot on this trip.

Then our therapists arrived to lead us to the massage tables and left the room discreetly while we disrobed and got underneath the sheets. One side of this Hale had open doors, so it felt a bit freaky being totally nude outside. šŸ™‚

Once we were tucked underneath the sheets, our therapists came in and started our wonderfully, relaxing massages. The massage cream was particularly amazing – must get some of that for home. My moisture-starved desert skin was soaking this up and loving it.

The 50 minutes sped by all too quickly, and we were allowed to privately get up, put on our robes, and then were escorted back to the waiting Hale for more relaxation and liquids – totally necessary after any massage. We’ve had several couples’ massages and this was the best setting yet. Next, we’ll try to do one of those on-the-beach massages you see – maybe on a Disney cruise.

Next on our agenda: rest up for birthday dinner at Tidepools.

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