Hawaii Part 6: The Birthday

The Big Birthday Celebration

Today was the reason for the trip – Rich’s big birthday celebration. We made two special reservations for this day: dinner at Tidepools for 7 p.m. and a couples massage at Anara Spa at 2 p.m. Before we arrived at the Grand Hyatt, we got an email from their e-concierge and through them we were able to make these reservations. So when we checked in at the Hyatt, we were directed to the Concierge desk to pick up any needed coupons – such as for the luau (I know, I know – so touristy and we’ve done several, but it had been years since) planned for our last night.

First order of the day: the breakfast buffet at Ilima Terrace. We were happy to see the same server we had the previous morning, and when she asked what we had planned for the day, we said we were celebrating Rich’s birthday. So then she presented him with a wrapped jar of macadamia nut popcorn crunch. This would come in handy in the room should we repeat dinner like the previous night, which consisted of a shared plate of appetizers – we could have used a small snack in the room afterwards. (As you can see, we had no problem finishing it off before we flew home.)

We thanked her – thought that was a very nice touch. The breakfast buffet offerings had some different choices, which was also good to see. We must tell you about the most amazing mini-pancakes, though. They were absolutely scrumptious – the sweets were especially tasty. And, of course, the fresh pineapple never tastes this amazingly delicious as it does in Hawaii.

After breakfast, we headed back to the room to change into our swimsuits. So many choices each day: pool, lagoon, or beach. The lagoon was a bit rough on our feet the previous day, so we thought a relaxing day at the pool would be nice and it was – there were some nicely padded chairs on an overlook so we settled in there in-between swims – just Heavenly.

Had to include the full shot of the pool pic – one of the best pools ever. This was probably the highlight of our trip – getting to immerse ourselves in water every single day – something we sorely miss after living in Florida. In fact, swimming in tropical humidity very much reminded us of Florida. Every day we asked ourselves the question, “If by God’s Grace, we have the chance to do this every year vs. year-round swimming in Florida, which lifestyle would we choose?” Good question and we still don’t have the answer to it.

Las Vegas summers are quite hot, and you could use a pool most definitely then, but the season is much shorter than in Florida and the winters are much colder. While many do have pools in Vegas, the trend is for backyards to be so small, most do not. Many backyards barely have room for a table and chairs even. Our backyard is advertised as “pool-sized” and we could put in a small one, but it isn’t quite the same as having a pool in Florida.

When we got back to the room, we ordered room service for lunch. Rich had a Reuben and I can’t for the life of me remember what I had – some kind of sandwich anyway. We stared at the ocean view while we ate our lunch, and just relaxed out on our Lanai. All of this relaxation was getting to be addicting.

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