Hawaii Part 4: Dole Whip

We then stumbled onto Dole Whip – just like at Disney. In fact, while enjoying our lunch alfresco, we saw this canoe of flowers that looked like the inspiration for the singing/dancing flowers in the Tiki Bird attraction.

We turned in another direction and saw this sign for a Dole Whip – could this be the same thing as at Disney?

Yes, it was the real thing! Naturally, we each had to have one of these for dessert. Refreshing and delicious as always.

Dole Whip

What fun to have a bit of Disney in Hawaii. In fact, one day I wore my new tropical-colored sleeveless Mickey top that I got on our last trip to Disneyland, and I felt so at home wearing it here. We’re thinking that we’d really enjoy staying at the new Disney resort, to be opened on Oahu in 2011 – the last we read anyway. Because after living in Florida and going to Disney World as often as we did, we kinda expect some of that Disney atmosphere and service on our vacations. Our time in Florida changed us forever.

On the way back to the Hyatt in Poipu, you drive through this beautiful canopy of trees or tree tunnel as it’s locally known. Apparently, a Scottish farmer had an extra 500 Eucalyptus trees so he planted them here. Reminds me of the row of Eucalpytus trees in front of my grandmother’s house in southern California.

Before the trip, Hurricane Felicia was expected to hit the islands so we weren’t sure how much it would affect our vacation. Thankfully, not much. It was sunny most days with a few sprinkles here and there and a couple of showers. But you always have to read the clouds in Kauai. It’s more important to go by the clouds than by your watch, so we try to keep our plans loose. You know the old Hawaiian phrase – Hang Loose – there’s a reason for it. 🙂

It also tends to be cloudier inland so when we were driving inland, we were reminded of what it felt like to live in Oregon. Kauai feels like a marriage of Florida and Oregon, if you can picture that. We saw a couple checking in from Florida and we were wondering what they were feeling when they landed in Hawaii. Our bellman said that many people say Florida and Hawaii are similar except that Hawaii has mountains. I would also add that volcano/mountain attributes make the water a deeper blue and less turquoise like in Florida and the Caribbean (more of a sandy bottom in the Caribbean, rather than the volcanic rock/soil in Hawaii). One person said that California/Hawaii is all about the land and Florida/the Caribbean is all about the water. But I would also add that a big distinguishing feature of Hawaii is the Aloha spirit. Such sweet people with a spiritual outlook on life. And the service reflects that.

We rested back in the room – not sure if we ever really took a nap because we didn’t want to miss the rhythmic, soothing sounds of the ocean surf. The smells, the feel, the sounds – all your senses are uplifted in Hawaii. You willingly surrender to the sweet, humid, tropical air as it romances your soul.

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