Hawaii Part 11: Back to the Beach

We hiked back to Ilima Terrace for the breakfast buffet, but we were there quite a bit later than usual and it was so busy, we had to wait a bit for a table, right next to the omelet station, instead of the water like we had done before. By now we’ve learned which items we like, which ones we don’t, and which ones we love, so we focused on choosing our favorites.

The rain had stopped, the sun was out, so instead of going to the pool after breakfast, we chose to return to Salt Pond Beach, fully equipped. We wore our swim suits, brought sunscreen, and toted along a couple of beach towels we had picked up at Hilo Hatties the previous day, which we forgot to mention until now.

But wouldn’t you know it – the only road to get to this beach was flooded from the previous day’s rain, and we were warned not to drive through. The other nearby beaches were brown and muddy-looking from the previous day’s storm. We peeked in at nearby Poipu Beach, but it didn’t look much better, so we ended up back at the resort.

As we mentioned, the surf is rough in front of the resort, and mostly surfers dare to get in the water. But we joined the few swimmers, determined to swim in the ocean today. We were so disappointed about not getting to have the full experience at Salt Pond, and had we known yesterday was our one chance, we would have swam in our shorts. 🙂 Still, we did get to wade up to above our knees, and the shorts did get wet.

There are Hyatt-owned condos to the right of the resort, and each day we saw the condo dwellers making their way to the water amenities, included in their condo-fees. But the resort was never too crowded.

There were steps lit up at night for a romantic stroll on the quiet beach.

The following picture shows the area where the surfers hang out.

We splashed around, and then decided to return to the salt-water Lagoon on the other side of the beach.

Next: Now why did we book this Luau? Tired, satisfied, and ready to go home.


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