Hawaii Part 1: Intro

Who: Rich and Kathy
Where: Kauai
When: August 9-15
Resort: Grand Hyatt
Why: To Celebrate Rich’s Milestone Birthday


For my “milestone” birthday trip, we were living in Ohio for Rich’s job with plans to move on to Florida after his one-year requirement was up. Even though it was July and we really don’t like to go to Disney World in the summer, we went anyway. I couldn’t imagine any place else where I’d want to have a milestone birthday.

But now we were back west, so where would we go for Rich’s upcoming milestone birthday? We still had to deal with summer issues, so we decided against Disney World. We also decided against Disneyland. For a milestone birthday, you want to be some place you’re so excited to be, you don’t mind turning another year older – a significant year older. So we chose to do that in Hawaii.

We honeymooned on Maui after getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we returned to Hawaii two years later – to Kauai. We thought about celebrating the birthday on the big island of Hawaii, but since living in Las Vegas, we didn’t want to choose one of the drier islands. For those who haven’t lived in the extreme desert, you may not know about the extreme dryness. Just visiting doesn’t really tell you how dry it is until you live here and realize you’ll have to sleep with a humidifier and apply lots of lotion on a daily basis to prevent that constant dry, scratchy, itchy feeling. Okay, enough about that. But after living in Florida we never thought we’d embrace humidity again. Talk about extreme climates. 🙂

We decided to return to Kauai because it’s the “Garden Island” and it’s a nice, compact size for getting around. Our stay would be just under a week so we didn’t have time to explore a new island. Besides, we absolutely adore staying at the Grand Hyatt Kauai – what a resort. So indecisive about what to do for the birthday, we waited a bit late to get good seats and we ended up with two seats in a three-seat row in the middle of the plane. Of course, we sat next to the one rude guy on the entire plane. 🙂

Okay, so we were going to Hawaii so we made the best of it. How was that? (a) We flew Hawaiian Airlines which started us right off with the Aloha spirit, and (2) They served little tummy warmers aka Mai Tais from Trader Vic’s. This was our first flight with Hawaiian Airlines and we really enjoyed the Hawaiian feeling right from take-off with videos and music from the Hawaiian Islands.

We also brought our iPods filled with music by Hawaiian musician Keali’i Reichel to put us in that Hawaiian mood. But we were antsy, and it was a full 6 hours going to Honolulu, with a 1-hour wait before our thirty-minute flight (at most) to Kauai. It’s always a thrill to land a Lihue airport – you really feel like you’re landing on an island because the island is small and the airport is right next to the water. It was another thrill because we never thought we’d ever make it back to Hawaii and there we were. Life is full of surprises!

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