Hawaii Overview and TOC

Trips to Hawaii

While we had each done some traveling before we met in the San Francisco Bay Area – me to tropical destinations such as Hawaii, Asia Pacific, Mexico, and the Caribbean and Rich to all 50 states – we especially enjoy our travels together – trips to Hawaii, Caribbean cruises, Disney World, Las Vegas, Disneyland, and the Pacific Northwest.

We started off by honeymooning on Maui (pictured at left), and then traveled to and moved to most of the other places. So when it came time for Rich’s big birthday celebration, we decided to return to Hawaii.

And after rereading and posting this report to our new Two4Disney site, I’m really hoping we’ll get to return for my next milestone birthday in 2013.

Rich’s Big Birthday Celebration in Hawaii

Part 1: Intro
Part 2: The Grand Hyatt Kauai
Part 3: Checking out the Pool, Beach, and Lagoon
Part 4: Dole Whip
Part 5: Seaview Terrace
Part 6: The Birthday
Part 7: Couples Massage
Part 8: Tidepools
Part 9: New Beaches
Part 10: Cocktails and Hurricanes
Part 11: Back to the Beach
Part 12: The Good-bye Luau

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