Final Thoughts

So we’ve thinking about more things we wanted to say and realized we needed to post a “Final Thoughts” post. LOL!

I’m not sure we mentioned how much fun we had twittering about our Disneyland trip at the same time that some of our PP friends at the “Decade of Dreams” at WDW were twittering their trip – posting twitpics – making it feel as if we were at Disneyland and Disney World at the same time. Thanks Bob & Larry – you made our trip even more fun!

We also forgot to mention the sweet little CM from Brooklyn at the DCA entrance from inside the GC. Because the APs have our pictures and names on them, he always greets us by name, “Good morning, Richard,” and “Good morning, Katherine” he says in his distinctive Brooklyn accent. He’s such a sweetie!

Renewing our APs online was a breeze. We debated about whether we should do that or wait until our next trip (not realizing our next trip would be in a month), but eventually decided to renew online. We saved some money by doing this, and our APs were mailed to us – no standing in line, no taking of pictures again, etc. This year there were 2 choices for the design of AP you wanted. Rich chose the new one, and I decided to stick wtih the old one just so we could tell our APs apart at a glance.

The other cool thing about this trip was when we drove up to the guard gate at the GC. Rich was wearing his Epcot shirt and the CM asked him what his favorite WDW resort was. Well, that took awhile since we have so many favorites. It was fun having that connection to WDW while at DL.

And as for our upcoming trip to Disneyland, we just bought tickets to see an Angels game like we did last year. And guess who they’re playing? The Dodgers – wow – two of our teams at the same time – who will we cheer for? I hope you’ll come back for our next trip report to find out.

Rich reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned some of the stuff we got in the gift shops. Well, after riding Toy Story, we landed in the gift shop and had to buy Jessie, a “Hey, Howdy, Hey” Woody coffee cup for Rich, and a big pink pig coffee cup for me because we rode in the “pig” car. LOL! I don’t know what to say about that but it was red and I had to have it!

Besides Rich’s Duke’s Barefoot Bar t-shirt, I found a pink and blue nightie that was oh so comfy for cooler Anaheim nights.

We also had to commemorate the Food & Wine Festival by picking up 2 special Food & Wine wine goblets and special event pins for ourselves and for friends. I only have a picture of the one we didn’t get, but we preferred the ones we did get – and hope our friends did, too.

The pin we didn’t get (can’t figure out the camera or I’d take a pic of the one we did get).

One more pic we wanted to share – this cool display of balloons with a “Thanks for celebrating with us” caption displayed on Main Street in Disneyland for the special “What Will You Celebrate” promotion this year.

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