December 27, Day 1, Wrap-Up

It’s about time to wrap up this first day, and the sooner we can get to our Napa Rose dinner.

The Haunted Mansion Holiday version was one of the top three attractions we wanted to experience this trip. Because of the holiday crowds, we set our expectations low, which worked out very well for us. So we got in line – it was about 45 minutes long – but it was festive and fun being with the crowds and we also noticed that waiting in line at night is a lot easier than during a hot summer day. We really love doing the HM at WDW at night – it seems to add to the atmosphere – and this was a first for us – doing the HM at DL at night. We liked it.

The teens behind us were cracking us up talking about if one friend with a big head married another friend with a big head – just imagine how big their kid’s head would be. LOL. Their conversation inspired the teen novel I’ve started writing. It was Saturday night and you do get a lot more teens hanging out together at Disneyland – just like I did when I was their age. And then I was sure I spotted a celebrity – well maybe 50% sure. LOL! Okay, so maybe she just looked like Patricia Wettig and her daughter. What can I say – it was dark out.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can do this ride justice. It was so much fun and we couldn’t believe the time and effort and money Disney must have invested in this ride to transform it like that. WOW! AMAZING! We especially loved the ballroom scene all decked out for Christmas with its own Christmas happenings going on just for this holiday version.

After the ride, we were so done and decided to head back to the hotel. But, of course, strolling through Downtown Disney we had to stop and listen to this South American band called “Alturas.” They were fabulous. We love the adult and eclectic music that DL Downtown Disney features. We can only hope that DD at WDW will have a transformation similar to this one. Kids were enjoying the music, too, dancing with their parents. Maybe teens weren’t as into it – didn’t see a lot of them – but it was early yet and the teens were still in the parks.

We crawled into bed, but I didn’t sleep well. Something about the pillows being scratchy and making too much noise. Note to self: bring pillows from home on next trip.

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