Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back, Day 2 Part 3

Sunday, December 28, Day 2, Part 3

DCA Rope Drop

We entered DCA through the main entrance and snagged a FastPass for Soarin’ and then lined up for Rope Drop, heading for Toy Story, like everybody else in the park.

Quite a few people were ahead of us but the lined moved quickly through a good portion of the queue before it backed up. We still weren’t sure this ride was for us or if the line was worth the wait, but we figured we’d do it this one time and one time only. Besides, standing in life gave us time to admire the architecture of the Boardwalk and Mr. Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head at DCA is outside, rather than inside like I’m thinking it is at Studios at WDW – is this correct?

Our favorite place in all of WDW is the Boardwalk/Epcot Resort/World Showcase triangle.

I just had to post this pic – it makes me smile. Oh how we wish they would add something like this to the Paradise Pier area. That would really make DCA and the Paradise Pier area totally awesome!

But before we knew it, we were in our Toy Story cars and were off and spinning and aiming and shooting. And you know what happened? We fell in love with this ride!!! My only disappointment is that I didn’t do better than I did. Rich did twice as well as I did and Toy Story is now his new favorite ride. Rich’s only disappointment is that Toy Story doesn’t have a FastPass at Disneyland – like it does at WDW – right?

Anyway, after our Toy Story Mania fun it was time for our Soarin’ FP. While waiting for our turn, we chatted with the couple and adult daughter from the Sacramento area in line in front of us. They were so fun to talk to, and we had a blast riding Soarin’ together – all pointing out favorite parts of California. LOL!

We strolled on over to the Pacific Wharf area to take more video footage – gotta have some water to look at while living in the desert – and had lunch at Cucina Cucamonga. We got two orders of tacos – one chicken and the other beef – and we shared them, as we soaked up the alfresco atmosphere. By this time, it had warmed up to a comfortable temperature, and we were wearing our sweatshirts around our waists. The food at Cucina Cucamonga was quite tasty for a fast-food walk-up. And the line was quite short, compared to other times we’ve attempted to eat here.

From there we wandered through the Grizzly Peak area (love, love, love it) and back through the Grand Californian, exited to Downtown Disney for a quick stop at Compass Books (bought a YA novel that I devoured in 2 days) and back to our hotel room to nap, swim, and get ready for Napa Rose.

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