The Beach or Disney?

That’s always a difficult question for us since we’re beach lovers, water lovers, and Disney lovers. When I was growing up in southern Califiornia, I really didn’t have to make that choice – I had both. Not even living outside the gates of WDW was that good – the beach was still a much longer drive away. But since we moved to Vegas, we miss Disney and the beach. So on our frequent trips to southern California, we try to fit in a day at the beach. But on our last trip, we had to skip the beach for the Angels game.

So the focus for our next trip is going to be the beach and other favorite Orange County activities. After all these years, it still feels like home to me. We’re hoping to pop into Disneyland, but we know at the busy Christmas season there’s no such thing as popping in. So the question is, will we regret not staying onsite or nearby to ensure a less stressful entry into Disneyland, or will spending so much time at the beach trump even Disney on this trip?

While it’s wonderful to see the Christmas decorations at Disney, we can console ourselves with a trip at the GC sometime in the spring. And then try to squeeze in a trip to the beach. 🙂

Christmas is ahead and there’s nothing like being at Disney for the decorations. When we were living in Florida, we had the privilege of experiencing that year after year. And we miss that!

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