A Disney Morning

As a freelance writer working from my home office, I can get awfully lonely after Rich drives off to work. So the first thing I do once I carry my coffee to my upstairs office is turn on Live 365 and play my favorite Disney radio station for the day.

I tend to hop between Intercot, Park Hopper, and Radio Buena Vista, although I prefer the first two when I’m alone because they’re more  interactive with Resort announcements. I actually look forward to the commercials. 🙂

Right now Intercot is playing the music from Dreams Come True from the Disneyland 50th Anniversary CD. It’s a great way to start the day. And blogging about it on the two4Disney blog warms up my writing juices before having to face real writing. LOL.

I’ll leave you now playing African Dawn – Hapa Duniana from Kiliminjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom. No, wait, Pirates is playing. What would a morning be without listening to Pirates of the Caribbean? Okay, time to get to work. Yo ho yo ho a writer’s life for me.

So how do you start your morning, Disney-style?

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