Disney Cruises and DVCs

We just got our copy of the Passporter for Disney Cruises. Woo hoo! Now I can’t wait to book a Disney Cruise, although we’re kinda waiting for a ship to be sailing permanently out of California.

Catching up with Sue’s July 4th trip report, we noticed her comment on the progress of the DVC addition to the Contemporary. What? This is the first we’d heard. Hmmm… does WDW really need any more DVCs? And, my goodness, it’s a whole tower – check out the pics.

But we’re very excited about the DVC addition to the Grand Californian at Disneyland (check out the pics). After staying at Paradise Pier (and wondering if our stay at the Disneyland Hotel in September will be much of an improvement), we couldn’t help but notice how inferior it is compared to the Deluxe resorts at WDW.

Disneyland could definitely use more new accommodations. And because we hear the DVC portion of that property is so small and cannot support the DVC demand, we’re hoping they build something on the other side of Paradise Pier. A Boardwalk Inn and DVC Villas would be awesome!

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One thought on “Disney Cruises and DVCs

  1. LLaffinPlace says:

    Wow! A Boardwalk Inn at Disneyland! What a wonderful concept!

    This should be part of the DCA upgrade!


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