Evening Wrap-Up

May 18, Part 9: Changes to DL During Fireworks

We took our favorite route past Big Thunder Mountain (love this ride at DL—haven’t ridden it since that fatal accident several years ago but may have to rethink that on future trip), past Big Thunder Ranch and through the back door to Fantasyland. We love Disneyland’s Fantasyland—especially at night. And, in the past, unlike WDW, jumping on rides during the parade was a great way to catch up on a bunch of rides. So, we headed for Storybook Land Canal Boats. Uh, what do you mean this ride is closing because of the fireworks? We headed for several more Fantasyland rides—closed and roped off for the parade. Yikes! This was one of the most frustrating things about the MK at WDW and now it’s caught on at DL. Help! This is not my Disneyland.

We noticed the Matterhorn was operating so we got in line for that. The line moved quickly and we were soon seated in our bobsled, each with our own seat. We had read that the Matterhorn was getting new seats and we were hoping it was so because these seats are very tight for two adults—unless one or both of you is quite small. I used to do the squeeze in my 20s, but, well, that’s been a while now. The Matterhorn was a blast! It had become the symbolic ride for returning to Disneyland so this ride was a must!

Because of the parade, there wasn’t much more we wanted to do in Fantasyland so we headed back to Adventureland to kill some time before our FP for Indy. We decided to go ahead and get in line for Indy but just as we did, the ride closed due to malfunction. We browsed the shops in Adventureland—love this place—especially after dark—and then we seemed to be surrounded by loud noises everywhere. The parade, Fantasmic, and the fireworks all seemed to be going off at the same time.

Note: After living two miles from the MK at WDW and listening to fireworks going off every single night, we hate fireworks! I know—it sounds like such an un-Disney thing to say. But my ears still ring after living that close to what sounded like gunfire going off outside our window every single night. The fireworks were perhaps exacerbated by the layout of the Townhome community, causing a ricocheting effect.

But by now we noticed Indy was back up and running and the line was short, so instead of waiting for our FP, we jumped in line. And what can I say other than this is the best ride on Planet Earth? Okay, so it’s my kind of ride. It touches the adventuresome spirit inside of me and it becomes the biggest thrill ever. Now Rich loves ToT because he loves that freefall feeling, but Indy gives me that big adventure experience (it is in “Adventureland” after all), which I much prefer. It’s just awesome.

Note: My back/tailbone area has been acting up since our last move and this ride really hit it where it hurts most. Without notice the muscles can start to spasm, sending shooting pain up and down my spine so I had to give an all-out effort to hold my back perfectly still—squeezing my stomach muscles as tightly as I could. Well, that worked—my back didn’t go out—but the muscles in my stomach killed me for about a week—I could barely sit up—it hurt so much. But it was worth it!! LOL!

By this time we were absolutely exhausted and we still had to walk all the way back to Paradise Pier (the monorail closed early tonight due to the fireworks). This is when you really want to stay at the Grand Californian—the location is perfect for everything. We gave our Indy FPs to a couple waiting in line and it we hiked back to the resort, up the slow elevator for 15 flights and crawled into bed. We knew then that we’d never make it back to DL early next morning before going to the beach.

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2 thoughts on “Evening Wrap-Up

  1. LLaffinPlace says:

    I too am puzzled about closing attractions during the fireworks–that was one of my favorite strategies!

    For years I have been wanting to ride Indiana Jones and your trip report just makes me want to NOW!

    Sorry to hear about your back–is it better now?


  2. Kathy says:

    I know. Some rides are still open during the parade – a good time to ride BTMRR, I think. But we may just leave the park during the parade and fireworks and then come back – crowds are much lighter then.

    I have to be gentle with my back – no sitting at the computer for long periods of a time – and I may have to do some serious training in the gym so I can ride Indy again. It would be worth it. 🙂


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