Big Kahuna Trip Report May 17, Part 6

Saturday, May 17: Part 6

By this time we were ready for a nap. After all, this was still travel day and we had already done quite a lot besides the drive. Upon awakening around 5 pm we noticed how warm the room was. We wondered if that was normal so we compared it to the sitting room and it was pleasantly cool. So should we just keep both doors open and hope the cooler room cooled off the bedroom, especially once the sun set or call somebody? We decided not to call.

We got ready for DCA, put our valuables in the safe, and I put my cell phone in my pants pocket. Should I use the restroom one more time before heading out? I chose to go ahead and used the restroom in the sitting room. And then I heard a loud clanking that sounded like my cell phone had slipped out of my pocket and fallen to the floor. But much to my horror, there was no cell phone around and then I knew—it had landed in the toilet and wasn’t about to pop up anytime soon.

Okay, so it was time to call engineering—not that my cell phone would work after being flushed down the toilet but we figured they could at least retrieve it and that could help with the replacement. So we may as well report the A/C not working all that well in the bedroom at the same time.

We called the front desk and in no time at all, two guys from Engineering showed up. I was busy hiding in the sitting room while Rich explained the issues. One guy worked on the A/C while the other worked on the toilet.

In the meantime, the front desk called apologizing for our troubles and offering to reimburse us for the taxi ride to the nearest AT&T where they could replace the phone for $200. We told her it wasn’t her fault our cell phone ended up in the toilet but thanked her. Later she called again to tell us she had found a better price for another cell phone. She really went out of her way and we were so touched by the extra effort and the taxi reimbursemen offer. But we still had Rich’s cell phone so we were in no hurry to replace it, although I was rather depressed by the thought of ruining my cell phone. It was new and had photos and email and everything–I loved that phone!

The A/C was working again and–surprise, surprise–they were able to retrieve the cell phone. We just felt better having it in our possession. But, of course, it didn’t work. I was kicking myself but we were on vacation and it was time to let go and go out and have some fun. We were at Disneyland!

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