Concierge at Disney

We’ve been catching up reading Disney trip reports and enjoyed WDW1972’s report on rec.arts.disney.parks (RADP) about her DVC Concierge experience at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I hadn’t realized you could combine Concierge with the DVC resorts. But the selection of fabulous African food in the lounge was making our mouths water. We love Boma and Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge and may have to book a trip back to WDW just to experience that again.

We do love Concierge level of any resort – have stayed at a couple in Hawaii but only once at Disney – when we were upgraded at the Boardwalk Inn on our one and only stay at the BWI. So, salivating over Sue’s report, we started thinking we’d upgrade our upcoming Disneyland stay to Concierge. But after reading some of the reports, it didn’t sound nearly as wonderful (read: choice of food selection), so we decided to skip it.

At much as I love Disneyland itself, the resorts at DL can’t compete with WDW – that’s what makes WDW such a unique destination. We may just have to book a trip back. 🙂

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