First Trip Back to Disneyland

When we sat down to figure out when the last time we visited Disneyland was, we couldn’t believe it – October of 2000? Yep. Had to have been because we hadn’t been there since DCA opened the following January. But we didn’t move east until summer of ’02 – what happened to our ’01 October trip? Then we remembered. 9/11.

By then we were living in Oregon – Rich’s company had transferred him to Oregon from Silicon Valley in ’00. All looked fabulous – we bought a townhome, we both had good-paying high-tech jobs, and we were able to continue our love of travel. But by ’01 – between the dot com bust and the effects of 9/11 – we ended up losing our jobs and weren’t able to travel as we once did. And no longer living within a comfortable driving distance, we had to forego our annual October trip to Disneyland in ’01.

The good news was we eventually found employment in Florida, allowing us frequent access to Walt Disney World, enjoying the benefits of an Annual Pass. In fact, this time last year we were still living outside the gates of WDW. But now that we’re living close to Disneyland, we’re planning our first trip back. We even got an Annual Pass for Disneyland. I’ll post some of our pre-trip plans – which keep changing – over the next couple of days.

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