Food and Wine Festival, Part 2, 2006

Food & Wine 2006 Part 2

We originally planned to head for the American Wine Tasting Adventure but once we took a peek at the wineries, we realized we were well-acquainted with 3 of them – Napa, Sonoma, and Washington State – but not Virginia. Because of that, we chose not to buy a tasting pass. And maybe because of the warmth of the day, we were more interested in beer tasting and having a Margarita at our favorite spot at World Showcase – the Cantina de San Angel – in Mexico. Having grown up in southern California, I am especially fond of all things Mexican.

So, the only wine we tasted was the Icewine in Canada. Our apologies, LLaffinPlace, but we missed the wine from Virginia – we had to make a choice and decided you’d rather read about the Icewine. 🙂

Here are our food & beverage selections for today:

Mexico – Cilaquiles, Quesdadilla con Chorizo y Pollo, Dos Equis Beer

By far our favorite item of the whole festival was the Cilaquiles. The pulled chicken was absolutely amazing and set the tone for the whole day. Once we sampled that, we knew we had to finish off the day with a margarita – even if we had to sacrifice other wine tastings.

China – Pork Pot Stickers

These Pot Stickers are our favorites and we have to return each year just for these. Having lived more than 20 years in the San Francisco area and having traveled to the Far East, I would have to say Chinese food is my second favorite. Two cuisines we miss having in such fabulous supply on this side of the country are Mexican and Chinese.

South Africa
– Durban Spiced Chicken

This was a favorite from part 1 of this year’s F&W Festival and we had to have another sample. Instead of sharing, we each got our own sample this time. But after the chicken dish in Mexico, these weren’t quite as exciting as before.

Hops & Barley Market – Savory Onion and Bacon Tart, New England Crab Cake, Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

The Onion and Bacon Tart was not as expected and was probably our least favorite of everything we tried. It was too much onion and not enough tart. The Crab Cake was quite tasty and the Cherry Wheat was amazing. We went back and got another tasting of the Cherry Wheat.

Morocco – Chicken Bastilla

This was unexpectedly sweet and savory at the same time and not what we expected. In fact, from the sample dishes we saw, we thought this was the dessert and the dessert was the savory. Not a favorite.
Turkey – Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice

Not quite what we expected either. It needed some kind of sauce or dip to make it a bit more interesting to us.

Canada – Maple Custard Topped with Almond Crunch, Mission Hill Reserve Riesling Icewine

In previous years, the icewine has been the Inniskillin, of course, so we were looking forward to trying a new one – from the British Columbia area of Canada. The recommendation was to pair it with the custard and it made an awesome combination. The custard was scrumptious and almost tasted like the icewine all by itself. Rich noted that this icewine wasn’t as sweet as the Inniskillin, which he appreciated in the moment.
By this time, we were so done and headed over to the Cantina for Margaritas, which we greatly enjoyed while sitting near the bar and noted there were more couples in that area, which made for great atmosphere. It certainly was a lot busier than it had been at opening at 11 am.

We stopped in at Mouse Gear on the way out and picked up some Christmas lights we had noticed earlier. We’re really enjoying the similar Halloween lights we purchased earlier last month. We also bought a Pirates shirt for Rich that he plans to wear to the Halloween party later in the week.

Summary: This is our third year in a row attending the Food & Wine Festival and while it’s been our very favorite time of year at Disney, we think we’re pretty well done and may not do the other events we had planned. We think we’ve had our fill of tasting little bites. For the money, we’d rather enjoy a fine meal with great service at one of the premium restaurants.

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