Vlog #9: Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Summerlin

When we lived in Orlando, we really enjoyed Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) at WDW and Planet Hollywood here in Las Vegas, but have yet made it to the one at Downtown Disney at Disneyland.

So when we heard that there was an Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Summerlin, we had to give it a try. We thought it might be a better atmosphere than the one inside a casino, which was a bit odd, and it was. It still isn’t Disney, but not bad at all.


So Friday night we stopped off at Downtown Summerlin after work to give it a try.

We shared the Original 1762 (Roast Beef, Cheddar Cheese, and Horseradish), which was quite yummy. And by sharing, it fit our daily meal plan.

Birthday/Anniversary Week: Celebrating Through Music

We’re kicking off Rich’s birthday week followed by anniversary week. We met at work in ’92 when Rich interviewed me for a job. I’d been expecting somebody else so I asked him, “Who are you?” We were married 4 years later and he teases me with, “You had me at ‘Who Are You?’ ”

Music is an important thing we share. So, in addition to other celebratory plans, I wrote a song for him called “I’m Your Man.” In fact, I mixed two different versions, which is good practice on this musical journey of mine.

They’re both rough worktapes, but here’s the electronic version, which I had the most fun with. (Because it’s not really done until you put it out there, and then move on to the next song).

And the more traditional country version.

Somewhere Between Cruel and a Fool (Original Song)

IMG_6773On our April anniversary cruise, I was inspired, once again, to write lyrics to a song.

We were having a delightful lunch with an interesting British man and his wife living in  Florida. Rich and he exchanged stories about Palm Harbor (I wrote Palm Fever on a previous cruise but tweaked it for Palm Harbor), and this whole experience inspired this song.

After jotting down the lyrics, Rich and I sat out by the aft pool enjoying a drink and expanding on the song.

This is a rough cut where I’m experimenting with harmony and vocal effects. So much to learn, but it’s fun sharing my journey with others.

Vlog #8: #FlashbackFriday, Telecommuting from the Magic Kingdom

When we were digging through our photos to create our tribute to Palm Harbor and building our first home in Florida for last week’s #FlashbackFriday, we knew then we’d have to do a tribute to the townhouse we left that house for – just 2 miles from Cinderella Castle.

When we told a long-time Disney friend and art director where we were moving to, he said, “Oh, so you’re telecommuting from the Magic Kingdom.” lol!

We practically were. And we paid dearly for it, too. We were so close to the fireworks that we heard this boomerang in the neighborhood at least once a night, if not more. The cats hid under the bed and we couldn’t go to sleep until after the fireworks.

Still, ten years later, we look back on that time, the year of our 10th wedding anniversary, and are so very thankful for such an amazing experience. So, for our 20th anniversary, we’d like to do a tribute to that year.

Vlog #7: Screamie Birds Studios Tour

Since we migrated Two4Disney.com to ScreamieBirds.com (details here), I thought it would be fun to give a tour of Screamie Birds Studios. I’m still experimenting with vlogging with how, when, why, and what so I haven’t always uploaded a real talking vlog – just captured some stuff on video. But I’m hoping to make it more like a real vlog.

So, here’s the Screamie Birds Studios video with real talking and music and everything.🙂