On Disneyland Not Reopening… Why My Heart Hurts

As most are aware now, the Disneyland reopening guidelines are so ridiculously impossible, that it looks like Disneyland cannot reopen until Covid-19 is a thing of the past. And this makes us (Disneylanders) all so sad. And afraid. Can Disneyland survive? What will it look like if/when it does reopen. What are the lasting effects of this? Will Disney sue? Who else will sue? (There’s a court case against Newsom on the docket today about his overstepping in general). What about not just Orange County residents, but all of Southern California? What about their livelihoods? Their communities? Families?

I become quite incoherent if I even try to say the name “Newsom” to explain him or even read the headlines anymore. And in spite of what some think, Disneyland is not just a theme park. Some of the comments I saw on Twitter ridiculing those of us who have found so much more from Disneyland. “Look at those white people…” Please stick to your own lane – I do believe you have enough problems. And Disneylanders are not it.

I struggled to get to sleep last night – my usual state whenever I’m overly-stimulated in the evening – much like coffee, I can’t really handle too much drama after lunch – lol! I woke up this morning and wrote in my Disney Studios diary with my Napa Rose pen while sipping my coffee. Can Napa Rose survive? Will the chefs/staff have moved on to other ventures and not return? What will Napa Rose become then?  This is one of our favorite places in all of the Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland is one reason I could never stay in Florida for too long (and why we live in nearby Las Vegas). The Magic Kingdom at WDW can never replace Disneyland. True, I admit to having an emotional attachment to Disneyland and Orange County, California. It’s the one special piece left of my childhood, of family. When you’re in Florida, you can text or call or write to your family. Not when Disneyland *is* your family. I loved growing up in Orange County. Disneyland. Newport Beach. Knott’s Berry Farm. The Catholic Missions. Bower’s Museum. The Dodgers and later the Angels. Balboa Island (captured in Letters on Balboa Island). It was all magical!

But maybe the main reason is that it was, as I look back and view my life, knowing what I know now and didn’t know consciously then. Growing up near Disneyland was my compensation for not growing up with my father, living with his own family in L.A. County, kept apart by the adults in my life. All for selfish reasons. All those “What if” questions. What would it have been like growing up with my father? What would our first trip to Disneyland be like? The beach? The music we could have shared together. The father/daughter dance. Thankfully, I did meet and spend some time with him before he died – you can read that story here.

I didn’t have that irreplaceable time with my father during my childhood. But I did have Disneyland. And now it’s gone. At least for now.

I hate this year and what it’s doing to people. I try to remain positive, hoping for the best, but also fearing the worst. Yes, we could plan a trip to WDW, but it just isn’t the same.


Newsom Says the Question is “When in *2021* will Disneyland Open?”

(Note: I started this post before the Disneyland Reopening Guidelines were released, but let me say this: Airline travel is one of the safest things you can do, as verified by the CDC. The guidelines are what we heard about weeks ago before Disneyland asked to wait for their input. Apparently, even the trip to Florida didn’t change California’s minds.)

I’m so fit to be tied, I can’t even put together a coherent post. But I will say something that’s similar to what I say when people are flummoxed about Trumps’ behavior. But once you realize he’s a Narcissist, everything he does makes sense.

The only thing I can say about Newsom is if you understand the Bay Area culture, you understand Newsom a little bit more. Having grown up in Southern California and then living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 23 years, I can tell you this: they hate any mention of Southern California, Disneyland, and Las Vegas. If I mentioned any of these in a positive way, you should have seen the eyes roll (to say the least).

What I can say is that Newsom can’t have all the power in California. That would make him a dictator. There must be power, at least financial, or legal forces that can take action. I’m curious what Disneyland will do now.

Btw, Newsom may have asked forgiveness, but I will never forgive him. Why? Because I don’t believe he is sincere is the asking. And the people who support him in this acting all holy when, in fact, this isn’t just about how in some people’s minds theme parks are not essential. There’s an injustice going on here.

Anyway, here are some videos to watch that explains the latest in this California vs Disneyland battle and I’m sure the list is growing by the minute:

Disneyland Reopening Date Battle Deeper Than We Know? (The Kingdom Report)

Disneyland Reopening Guidelines Expected Tomorrow (FreshBaked)

Hot Off the Press: Disneyland Reopening Guidelines Released (The Kingdom Report)

Check out this article:

California Attractions and Parks Association Calls Reopening Guidelines a “Keep Theme Parks Closed Indefinitely” Plan

New State Guidelines Mean Disneyland Will Likely Be Closed Well Into 2021, State Officials Have “No Idea” When Reopening Criteria Will be Met

And this response from Disneyland’s president (click on graphic for larger view):


Why Isn’t Disneyland Doing More?

This is the question on the mind of many a Disneylander. If Knott’s can do it, why can’t Disneyland? Are they holding out until they can open the complete parks. Or should I say “have” they been holding out, because it doesn’t look like this is going to happen this year at all. They’ve missed holding a Halloween event like Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Fall o’Ween,” complete with treat trail. Will Disneyland do something special for Christmas? A Holiday Food & Wine Event in DCA, perhaps?

That also doesn’t seem likely when you look at how they’re doing Downtown Disney – Halloween merch and treats but no decorations As a Disneyland fan, I feel really let down by Disney. There’s so much more they could be doing. Isn’t there? Isn’t this a time they should be reaching out to their fans, providing that extra Disney magic where possible? (We could all use some Disney magic about now.)

Or are we not privvy to what might be preventing them from doing what Knotts is doing? Or are they only interested in selling us more merch without offering any atmosphere to go with it? More money, less effort. Take, for example, the newly-opened Stage 17, a dark warehouse full of Disneyland merch, located just inside DCA, but you’d never know it.

We don’t need more Disney stores, more merch, more treats designed for Instagram with vloggers trolling the place – lol. Where’s the atmosphere that Disney is famous for – that’s why we go – much more than for the rides. I’ve had my own roller coaster ride with the closing of Disneyland for 7 months and counting, but before it opens again, we need some serious changes like real capacity limits inside and outside the parks.

Disneyland Fights Back

Okay, after yesterday’s news that Newsom stated that there’s no hurry to open Disneyland any time soon (contradicting his smarmy tease earlier) confirming what we’d already suspected (why else “leak” guidelines that make it impossible), I thought this blog would go dark as my protest.

But today Disney Parks released this “true, scientific, and data-filled” statement, which I appaud (click on pic to enlarge):

It’s such an injustice and if ever there was a cause besides religious freedom that I would be willing to join forces in protest, it would be this one (at least in my head – lol!)

This is getting as crazy as this year’s presidential race! Enough already!

Disneyland Opening Stage 17 in DCA

I have mixed feelings about the opening of Stage 17 on the edge of DCA as a gift shop. Yes, something actually inside DCA is opening but you can only enter it from the esplanade so you’re not actually entering or seeing inside DCA.

Yes, perhaps, it’s the first step in a big domino effect – or is it? That we do not know. What I do know is that the longer Disneyland is closed, the more upset I am. I didn’t move all the way back from Florida to be locked out of Disneyland, the place I’ve been going to since I was a small child, the place that feels like home and family to me. And the place I miss the most when we’re in Florida. Disneyland is not just a theme park.

To learn more and watch the discussion, check out FreshBaked’s video on YouTube (if I can find the link button on the new WordPress interface, which I still hate). Just discovered how to revert to the Classic Editor – yay!!!

But I’d be so very happy if they’d open the Grand Californian, Napa Rose, and other restaurants inside the GC. Now that would be making progress!

One year ago, we were having dinner at Napa Rose, enjoying some of the Halloween treats on display in the Grand Californian lobby.

Trump Trumps Disneyland Reopening?

The latest Disneyland drama is that Disneyland asked the state of California to delay publishing those super restrictive guidelines until after they’ve had a chance to present their case. Now why wasn’t that happening anyway? The governor made comments like they were working together, when, in fact, it seems not, since he was willing to publish those guidelines that pretty much prohibited Disneyland to re-open until this whole “Bob” thing was over. And since they weren’t published last Friday, as expected, we’re assuming talks are under way.

And, then, of course, you’ve probably heard about Bob Igor leaving the Governor’s “Economic Recovery Task Force,” which must be practically nonexistence since California is being so strict.

But will the news that Trump has “the Bob” affect Disneyland’s reopening? How will people react? Hide under their beds? I know I feel like being even more cautious, although I think things should open up safely to allow people to make their own decisions about whether to participate in something.

Trump has been really stupid, no doubt about it, but that’s the classic Narcissist for you. The rules don’t apply to them. They’re above it all. And when you question them, you get Lies, lies, lies, and more lies. You can’t call them on it so you use the word “confusion” a lot, which is the word the coverage regarding his health is using quite a bit.

Having had a close, lifelong relationship with a Narcissistic family member, I know how this goes. Only I didn’t know what was going on for so long because I didn’t understand Narcissism. Everything was confusion. Until I knew. And then it all made sense. But making sense of it or not, it still makes me sick. I’ve had enough of lies.

I pray for President Trump’s recovery, and for the world’s recovery, physically, economically, and spiritually.

PS – This is the first I was forced to use the new block editor in WordPress and I hate it. Will I get used to it, move this blog or will this be the end of blogging for me? Not sure yet.

Disneyland Reopening Guidelines Leaked or… How to Look Good as a Politician

We were just saying last night how the Disneyland drama is making California Governor Newsom look bad and what was he going to do about that?

How about release the guidelines to open theme parks? But… what about when the guidelines are so strict, you can’t imagine them opening any time soon. Win, win, right? Not if you’re in the theme park business or employee or fan.

Why provide opening guidelines so much stricter than theme parks in other states (Florida) and/or other countries? Locals only? Yellow tier? I could see orange tier (the OC isn’t even there yet), but yellow? This “thing” will be over by then.

I’d say Governor Newson won this one. What will be Disneyland’s response? Or, perhaps, this is just the beginning of negotiations.

Anyway, check out the details and what David of FreshBakedDisney (YouTube) has to say here.

Is Disney Playing Hardball?

In spite of the haters on YouTube who like to come at me for saying so, there are two (guilty) players to this whole Disneyland drama: the State of California and Disney itself. I’ve worked behind-the-scenes in IT at Team Disney, as I mentioned in this post, and I have an inkling of what goes on.

From now on, I will be keeping my comments right here on this blog.

And I say this:

  1. The CMs are pawns
  2. The guests are not being treated with respect
  3. And the people of California are suffering, whether they realize it or not

Looks like David has suspicions as well. Check out today’s video:



Good News, Bad News, and Whatever You Make of It News

The Bad News:

Click on graphic to read the letter from Josh about the Disney layoffs:

The Good News:

Nevada has lifted some of their restrictions, including church gatherings that can now hold (from 50) up to 250 per venue. This also includes live entertainment so that should help some of our neighbors in the entertainment business. You can read the details here.

The Whatever You Make of It News:

The Debate. I didn’t watch last night – too late to get all rile up before bed – lol! Besides, I didn’t need to see the Lunatic President throwing tantrums. But I did peek in this morning. And from the first moment I saw Biden’s smarmy political smile, I knew there was no way I want him for president.

Trump may be a pathological lying Narcissist, but Biden is another kind of dishonest clown. A bit of an ass, really. I would actually give the first round to Trump, which totally surprised me. Trump is totally right about many things, including Obamacare sucking and that the Individual Mandate was its main problem. The problem is, where is its replacement? The thing is, I don’t like Trump’s methods, and I don’t always agree with him, he often blows smoke, but I often do agree with Trump’s policies. There, I said it.

The thing is, if Biden loses, I’d hate to see the riots in the streets. The Democrats didn’t taking losing very well last time. I almost want them to win just to calm them down. Give the children some candy so they’ll stop screaming.

Napa Rose, City Leaders, and 18 California State Legislators

A few weeks back, we had to get this Napa Rose wall hanging for our kitchen just to have a piece of Napa Rose at home.

Napa Rose is our favorite Disney restaurant and our go-to place for holidays and celebrations. And that’s probably what we miss most. When indoor dining was banned, we realized Napa Rose wasn’t going to open. But now that indoor dining is allowed in Orange County, why aren’t Napa Rose, the Grand Californian and other Disneyland hotels/restaurants opening?

It’s very difficult to understand what is happening in California, especially when very few are privvy to the insider stuff. But  we saw this video about the 3-city coalition in Orange County pleading with the governor to open theme parks and even 18 California State Legislators are pleading for the Governor to open the theme parks. What is the hold-up?

Obviously, it’s not just Disneyland so (1) Why aren’t the theme parks being given guidance (2) Why isn’t Disneyland opening the hotels like WDW did and/or (3) Why isn’t Disneyland offering special events inside the theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm?

This is why we Disney fans are so flummoxed. I’m trying to let it go and focus what we can do on our upcoming Knott’s trip. But, still, the California theme park drama is infuriating, frustrating, bewildering, and a bit crazy-making!

#Disneyland and the #Cruise Industry: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Disneyland and the cruise industry seem to have one thing in common (besides the fact that both are our favorite recreational choices): lots of talk about what they’re doing to restart but without any real dates. Both tried last summer and both were shot down.

The latest video I saw, uploaded by Sharon at Sea, was called “Carnival Cruise Line: Gearing up to Cruise Again.”

It looks awesome to me, and Florida and Europe have actually pulled it off, proving that what they are doing works. But restarting cruising in North America and Disneyland out west is still just talk. I’m starting to think by the time cruising and Disneyland actually get back to business, this whole situation will be over. And maybe that’s what Governor Newsom and the CDC are hoping for.

Enough delays. Give us some real dates. Give us something to start feeling!

If you’re feeling it, check out these videos (music created/produced by me during 50/90):

Cruising: Can You Feel It?

Disneyland Reopening: Can You Feel It?

Disneyland Update

While my favorite Disneyland vloggers are covering the Knott’s Berry Farm “Fall O’Ween” event, ever-faithful David of Fresh-Baked continues to cover Disneyland updates in a positive, upbeat way, meaning there really isn’t much to update, except for Galaxy’s Edge merch now available at Downtown Disney.

Still, his footage of Main Street uncovers my emotion and devotion to Disneyland and my own positive hopes that it will open up in some way soon.

As the old Mervyn’s commercials used to say, “Open, open, open…”